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Beautiful engagement rings
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We specialize in Engagement Rings. You can be sure to select the unique setting for the one you love. Carefully chosen by you, beautifully created by us.

Welcome April
National Diamond Month

A diamond is the hardest of stones. It is solid, unbreakable, brilliant and strong. Represents strong unions of love. Diamond are the favorite engagement and wedding, ring. symbolizes long lasting love.
Called by the greek ADAMAS, meaning the invincible.
Celebrate April the National Diamond Month!


Engagement rings & Wedding Rings


When that special moment in your life is coming up, and you need to get the best  diamond engagement ring, for that best person in your life, come to Diamond Exchange Texas.

Let us guide you through in this very important acquisition with the quality, know- how and expertise of iTouchdiamonds, for your complete satisfaction.

Diamonds are a symbol of trust, strength and commitment that share a deep meaning to those we cherish the most. Handing the cornerstone of significance for you and you partner and in any other situation.

Sharing with our customers only the finest of products that assures that here at iTouchDiamonds is the place where you should find the perfect Diamond for your loved ones.



We will be able to take more time to privately and personally assist you if you contact us and schedule an appointment. 

Just get in touch with us to book and appointment, so you can come anytime, have a cup of coffee with us, look over and carefully and choose the diamond, the engagement ring or the wedding ring of your liking. 


Aquamarine and Diamond Bracelet
Nature´s colors such as the color of the ocean are present in Aquamarine, a peaceful blue gem, that shines galantly along with diamonds. 

Aquamarine is said to enhance the  happiness of marriages. Aquamarine combines best with the high clarity and limpid transparency of diamonds.



Meshmerise Tri-Color Diamond Bracelets.

These unique Meshmerise Tri-Color Diamond Bracelets come in a set of three stackable parts. One  is sterling silver with diamonds bracelet. The second bracelet is rose plated gold with diamonds and the last one is  yellow plated gold.

This very stylish set of three pieces will look startling on any woman´s wrist and constitutes a perfect gift for any occasion. 



Rubies and Diamonds

Rubies are the embodiment of passionate  love and passionate women. Ruby is the gemstone for simply beautiful and very attractive brides.

Rubies  represent desire , love and courage through their rich red color. The red stone of nobility goes wonderfully with diamonds.



14K  Tanzanite & Diamond Ring
It is truly surprising and fascinating to find out that there is effectively a blue gem . Their specific name is Tanzanite, with a deep blue and purple color that transforms with light. They were first found in 1969 in mines at Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, it is valued for it rarity.

Blue Tanzanite give the wearer the eternal truth, higher spiritual love and honesty. This unique and magnificent blue gemstone has captivated humanity since it was first discovered. Fall into the magic of Tanzanite and make one part of your life.



14KW Diamond Bangle

This is a fine jewelry 14KW Diamond Bangle. The ideal different jewelry gift that will be remembered a lifetime.

This beautifully crafted Diamond Bangle will add style and trendy look to the wearer. Wear a classic diamond bangle as a single jewelry piece to add style.


Emerald Diamond Drop Necklace
Deep down from the western Andean mountain range in Colombia, come the purest emeralds of the world. 

The enchanting green emeralds contrast the beautiful light of the crystal clear diamonds to add light and brillance to your jewelry and enhance the beauty of any woman who wears them.


10k Blue Topaz Diamond Ring

The many hues and tones of Topaz may become this beautiful light blue gem to make a diamond ring look much better. 

This beautifully crafted Diamond ring with Topaz will add a lighter and more peaceful appearance of purity and sincerity to the wearer.



Fleur De Lis Diamond Bangle

Fleur De Lis, the symbol of the most noble French Royalty is present in this  fine jewel Diamond Bangle. The ideal different jewelry gift that will be remembered a lifetime.

This beautifully crafted Diamond Bangle will add style and trendy look to the wearer. Wear a classic diamond bangle as a single jewelry piece to add style.


Great service and great prices. Sandra made the process very easy, if you're shopping for an engagement ring you should not go anywhere else.




Awesome place. I had a diamond ring needing resizing, cleaning and appraisal and they were quick, friendly, helpful and very knowledgable. I appreciate their help very much and I will be back. Thank you!




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